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Dan Boyd
Earlier this year, J Chris Campbell from Wide Awake Press invited me to participate in his Anthology Jabberwacky. He suggested I use Reggie in my contribution, and I thought that was a pretty good idea. I folded it into the Reggie story (such as it is), so here is Chapter 3, Reginald Crabapple Takes Prince Leon to Scarborough (Part 1). Like usual, I did them in one hour apiece, stream-of-consciousness-style.

Here's the first bunch I did, they'll get you up to speed:
Prologue: Reggie Crabapple's Big Day

Chapter One: Reginald Crabapple Goes to the Stillwater Swap Meet
Chapter Two: Reginald Crabapple's New Assignment

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I picked up Crogan's March this year at Fluke! from the super nice guy Chris Schweizer. I enjoyed it quite a bit, and thought I'd do a drawing of the main character.

You can find Chris at his Curious Old Library.

Crogan's March

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For the last little bit I've been working a concept that started out in my sketchbook a couple of years ago of a bird riding character who I was going to do as a webcomic. I did a handful of pages, thinking I'd do twenty or so before I would start posting. It didn't take that many for me to realize that it wasn't going to work. The main guy is close to another character that I ran across; and the more I thought about the story, the more I realized I didn't have much to say with the characters, so I decided to scrap it and move on to something else.

The following are the pages that I completed:

Hafley Title Image

Hafley Page 2

Hafley Page 3

Hafley Page 4

Hafley Page 5

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I'm a big fan of Grant Wood's landscapes. I thought it would be fun to do a study of The Birthplace of Herbert Hoover. I gotta do more landscapes, and more color stuff. It took me forever to color this thing.

The Birthplace of Herbert Hoover

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When I was at the Stumptown Show in April one of the minis I picked up that I really enjoyed was Corey Lewis' Layered Jacket. Here's my version of the title character.
Layered Jacket

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Good buddy Mike Maihack asked me to do a pinup for his comic Cleopatra in Spaaace!

If you aren't reading Cleo on a regular basis, you are really missing out. It's one of the best webcomics around.


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Last weekend I went to Natchez Trace State Park in Tennessee for the lovely wife's family reunion. I did a couple of drawings in my sketchbook while I was there. As usual they were done in Micron Pigma pen in my Piccadilly sketchbook.

Footbridge Across Cub Lake (6/12/10)
Foot Bridge Across Cub Lake, Natchez Trace State Park, Tennessee
Cub Lake Lodge (6/13/10)
Cub Lake Lodge, Natchez Trace State Park, Tennessee

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A Commission I recently completed.
Dot's House

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I'm a huge fan of Taiyo Matsumoto. His TekkonKinkreet, No. 5, and Gogo Monster have been translated in the US, but he's got a couple of comics that haven't yet. One of those is Ping Pong. Here's a drawing I did of one of the characters from Ping Pong, named Smile:
Ping Pong


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I haven't posted anything for a while, mostly due to my extremely busy schedule over the past month. First off, I attended Fluke with good buddy Lou Copeland, and had a great time. Got to hang out with J Chris Campbell, met some good folks, talked with Rob Ullman, and picked up a couple of old Enki Bilal albums from Bizarro Wuxtry.
Here's a drawing from the show:
Guy with Cool Hat - Fluke 2010
The next weekend, Christy and I went to Portland for 10 days. It coincided with the Stumptown Comics Festival, and the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, so I checked both of those out. Met some comedy heroes of mine, met and talked comix with some great peeps, and also mixed in a bunch of hiking around Portland, saw a chunk of the Oregon coast and then a bit of time in Seattle.

One of the highlights of the trip for me was visiting the Portland Japanese Garden. I'm told it's the best Japanese Garden outside of Japan. I believe that. It was really, really beautiful. Here's a drawing I did while there:
Sand and Stone Garden
Here's a photoset of pics I took with my phone:
2010-04-23 13.19.41

I've also been doing a lot of Hawkman sketches for some reason, although I still have no idea what his actual costume looks like. I should probably figure that out at some point.
Hawkman Sketches

Also, there is a new chapter in the Adventures of Reginald Crabapple: Budget Knight. It is in the Wide Awake Press Anthology Jabberwacky. You can download it for free, which is a deal at twice the price.

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